About Us

Consulting, planning
& executing turn-key construction projects

TRIBE (3B) Engineering ltd. is a private company established in 2017, in Zagreb, Croatia. As the General Contractor, we are specialized in consulting, planning, and executing turn-key construction projects.

Team of Professionals

We are a team of professionals that pride ourselves on the high level of commitment and care we put in every step of the project, from the conception of the construction idea to the moment the building is ready for use.

We possess the technical expertise, the experience, the financial capabilities, and the flexibility to solve any problem that might arise during the complex process of real-estate development.

We offer to our investors the full range of services necessary to satisfy their investment needs: from designing the idea and delivering the technical documents, to constructing the object and obtaining the necessary permits for its use. Finally, we also provide maintenance services. During these projects, we make sure that the technical norms and standards of our clients are completely met.

Office, Retail & Residential

We have worked with numerous investors and our reference list includes a number of noteworthy office, retail and residential objects. While this is our area of specialization, we are always looking for ways to branch out and challange ourselves with new types of construction projects.

Furthermore, we have established a network of numerous partners, suppliers and subcontractors specialized in different construction areas, with which we cooperate to make sure that each project is done efficiently, completely in line with the rules and regulations, and within the agreed-upon timeframe and budget.

Our team of experienced and professional project managers is always ready and eager to rise to any construction challenge.

Contact us: 099/470 2424