Hey Park Vukovar

Design & build turnkey execution
About This Project

The project retail park “HEY Vukovar” is located in the town of Vukovar, the eastern part of Croatia. Project retail park “HEY Vukovar” is planned to be unique and one of the best-performing retail parks in Vukovar.

Vukovar habitats more than 25.000 people and it has big migrations during the week between Vukovar – Osijek – Vinkovci, mostly because of work. Project retail park “HEY Vukovar” consists of a retail park including best performing anchor tenants in the Croatian market.

Project retail park “HEY Vukovar” land plot size is 14.197,00 m2, micro located on the entrance to Vukovar coming from direction Vinkovci or Osijek and direction traveling out of Vukovar to Vinkovci or Borovo or Osijek, currently the best possible micro-location including most traffic catchment.

Project retail park “HEY Vukovar” has more than 6.130,00 m2 GLA, as a central part of the project, is based on mixed offer for today’s needs of location and includes drogerie, fashion, supermarket, sports, and cafe bar. A big benefit of the retail park “HEY Vukovar” is close to the border with Serbia so there is a lot of shopping since shoppers can return VAT. The retail park “HEY Vukovar” has more than 370 parking places.